Rishab Prasanna

The  sound of bansuri

Rishab was born in a renowned family of musicians from Varanasi who have traditionally played the shehnai for many generations.

Son and disciple of the great flute and shehnai maestro Pt. Rajendra Prasanna, he has been initiated into the art of flute playing by his grandfather Pt. Raghunath Prasanna, and received early training from his uncles Pt.Ravi Shankar Prasanna and Sh. Rakesh Prasanna. Today, it is is next to his father that he keeps learning finer skills of Hindustani music and flute techniques.

Nurtured in his family by the tradition (Gharana) of Banaras, Rishab is equally at ease with the light classical genres like thumri, chaiti, kajri and dhun (folk music of India). Since 2009 his career brought him to Europe where he opened his art to new dimension with musicians from different musical traditions (Swedish folk, jazz, contemporary, Greek, Arabic).

Rishab has performed in various venues over the world including Sydney Opera House (Australia), WOMAD festival (Australia and New Zealand), Darbar festival (UK), Festival D'imaginaire (France), l'Opéra de Lyon, (France) and played with his father Pt. Rajendra Prasanna in almost all big festivals and venues of India. As a solo performer of Indian classical music and with his collaborations he regularly performs in France in several venues and festivals (including Détours de Babel, Les Allées Chantent, Musiques et Patrimoines, Théâtre de la Ville  (Rouen). He has travelled and performed in Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Russia, UAE, Kuwait, Spain, Holland, Netherland, Mauritius,  Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Slovenia, Belgium, Palestine and Israël).

His musical collaborations include the projects Joussour (a 6 musicians band of oriental jazz music), Milap (a duet of contemporary creations based on Indian music, premiere of Zakir Hussein), Ahimsa (a puppet show on Gandhi’s philosophy), Drifting Orchestra (contemporary music with 6 musicians and 3 dancers), East (a trio of traditional Music from Sweden and Latvia) and more recently 99 (a musical project directed by poet and rap singer Marc Nammour, première in Avignon Festival), He also appears as a guest artist in many album of world music including the famous band Dreamer Circus (Sweden), and SANGHATA by Thierry Pécou.

Rishab is very much associated with French cinema. He has worked in famous movie "C'est la vie" directed by renowned french directors Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledo. He also collaborated in the music of critically acclaimed movie "Monsieur".

Apart from his career as a musician Rishab also devotes his times to teach to numerous students in Europe and India. He was invited as a senior lecturer at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Mauritius to conduct a workshop for the teachers in the university in 2013, Masterclass organized by DROM France. He regularly participates to the projects in collaboration with associations ethnomusiKa and Kalasetu

Awards: Title of Cultural Ambassador of Toulouse city by SoToulouse, Surmani, Sangeet Sadhak, Sangeet Shiromani puraskar.