Rishab Prasanna

The  sound of bansuri

North Indian Classical Duet (hindustani music)

Rishab Prasanna (flûte bansuri) et un joueur de tabla

Rishab plays in khyal genre (« imagination »), one of the great genres of North Indian Classical Music in which the raga stands as the key element. In this traditional setting, the ultimate goal of the musician is to raise the mood of the raga according to the rules of the music and to demonstrate his technical skills and sensibility in close relation with the tabla player.

Milap (world music, creations)

Rishab Prasanna (bansuri, vocal), Davy Sur (percussions, konnakol), Frédéric Viale (vocal, sax, electro)

Rishab Prasanna and Davy Sur (duo Milap) have been traveling into their respective musical world to create a unique duet where the indian flute of Rishab resonates with new accents in contact with Davy's percussive inventions.  A must of today's world Music! The new album with the accordionist player Frédéric Viale is an explosion of flavors

Sextet Joussour with Issa Murad , "oriental jazz"

Issa Murad (compositions and ud) Rishab Prasanna (bansuri), Samir Homsi (percussions), Richard Turegano (piano), Marc Buronfosse (doublebass), Frédéric Chapperon (drums)

Joussour Project is the meeting between Issa Murad and great jazz musicians of Paris. With his friend and colleague Samir Homsi (daf, darbouka, riq), Issa Murad brings his ud to resonate with the classic jazz trio piano-contrebasse-batterie where the flute of Rishab Prasanna sings above. As much oriental as contemporary sounds, inspired by turkish and arabic rhythms, once you hear the songs the melody stays in your mind, sign of a great sense of composition.

99 creation, with Marc Nammour and Lorenzo Bianchi

Marc Nammour (artistic direction, chanted poetry), Rishab Prasanna (bansuri flute, singing), Lorenzo Bianchi-Hosch (composition, electronic music, live management), Jérôme Boivin (double bass, keyboards), Amir ElSaffar (trumpet, saunter).

Marc Nammour questions the political and poetic meanings of the number 99: the impossible inventory of what makes an identity and the certainty of being in movement, of having come or left or travelled through a land of sea, through different cultures and traditions.


SANGĀTA - A project by Thierry Pécou and his Ensebmle Variances along with Kalasetu.

Ensemble Variances : 
Anne Cartel (silver flute), 
Carjez Gerretsen (clarinet), 
Thierry Pécou (artistic dir. & piano)

                                                                                                  Indian artists collaborating
                                                                                                  Amaan Ali (tabla), 
                                                                                                  Ragini Shankar (violin)

                                                                                                  Rishab Prasanna (bansuri flute)